Nesting (Bottle) Box
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Vermutlich brüten Vögel lieber in Naturhöhlen. Aber da diese nicht nur in unseren Städten selten geworden sind, gehören Vogelhäuser als Nistkästen seit vielen Jahrzehnten zum Naturschutz.

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Nesting (Bottle) Box
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Granted, birds might prefer to nest in natural caves, but those are in short supply, and not only in urban areas. So people have been putting up nesting boxes for decades to help the birds.

Our nesting box is made of untreated pinewood and made for ECHTWALD by a Baden-Württemberg firm. Held together by sturdy screws, it should last for many years. The front of the box is not screwed down, but slides into grooves cut into the sides. The rod at the bottom slides almost all the way into the box to prevent the front wall from falling out when you hang up the box.

Thanks to this construction, the ECHTWALD nesting box has an added advantage: It’s exactly the right size to hold a bottle of wine, so it can serve as gift wrap the next time you give one away.

The rod that fits underneath the hole is optional. For some species of birds, the perch is more of a hindrance than a help when flying into the box. We recommend observing your birds for a while and then deciding whether to attach the perch.

Untreated pinewood, screw-assembled
Nesting box, two rods, wood chips as nesting material. (Price does not include the bottle of wine.)
Front height: 380 mm
Rear height: 350 mm
Width: 140
Roof width: 170, depth: 140 mm

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