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Brandy made from fresh spruce shoots. Specially distilled by Christoph Keller, Stählemühle Münchhöf.

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This spruce shoot brandy is a traditional specialty distilled from young spruce shoots. Picked on May 13, the feast of St. Servatius, they are macerated warm for 60 days and then carefully distilled. Handmade from traditional recipes. Wholesome and gentle on the stomach, pleasantly warming and stimulating, with the sweet aromas of fresh resin, the earthy scent of the forest floor, and the summery freshness of young green spruce needles. A rarity. Hand-distilled at Stählemühle Münchhöf.

Gold medal at Destillata 2012
The jury’s verdict: “Pure-toned and pleasantly subtle smell, full-bodied taste, substantial and distinctly resinous; overall harmonious impression.”

Bronze medal at Destillata 2010

Bronze medal “Das Goldene Stamperl” 2010

0.5 l
42% Vol.

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