Lattice Fence, 2011 kkaarrlls for ECHTWALD
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Wer Philipp Drexlers Garderobe Jägerzaun als eine Reminiszenz an die berühmt-berüchtigte Einfriedung deutscher Einfamilienhausgrundstücke interpretiert, liegt knapp daneben.

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Lattice Fence, 2011 kkaarrlls for ECHTWALD
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It might be tempting to take Philipp Drexler’s Lattice Fence coatrack as a nod to the famous (or infamous) fence surrounding a typical German detached family home. But this would be missing the mark. The appearance of Drexler’s steel-wire rack, measuring 90 cm x 60 cm x 15 cm, does recall the classical appearance of the rustic fence, but there the similarity ends. What inspired Philipp Drexler was the way passersby would sometimes repurpose the traditional three-layered structure of diagonal and horizontal wooden rods as a place to deposit their trash—by tucking it into the lozenge-like “compartments” in the fence. This is what inspired Drexler’s filigree transformation, in which the structure of the fence is broken down into angles, hooks, and straight lines that together offer a much larger variety of repositories than any “real” fence ever could.

Philipp Drexler
kkaarrlls for ECHTWALD
Lattice Fence
Powder-coated round-bar steel
90 x 60 x 15 cm

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