Fruit Fly Trap
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Mr. Kunze, a master glass blower from the Black Forest, specializes in creating meticulously made, precision laboratory glass and also makes this attractive fruit fly trap for ECHTWALD.

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Fruit Fly Trap

Because ECHTWALD fly traps are hand-made for us in small numbers, each piece is unique.

And this is how the traditional Black Forest fly trap works. Fill the trap with either a sweet, alcoholic, fruity liquid or something sour, depending on the type of insect you want to catch. The alcoholic variant could consist of stale beer with apple juice or leftover wine. Its smell lures wasps into the opening at the bottom of the trap. After they enter the glass, they fall to their sweet, watery doom. To catch fruit flies, fill the trap with a vinegar and water mixture. If you prefer, you can then take the trap to some out-of-the-way place and remove the cork to release its captives.

Diameter: c. 120 mm
Height: c. 145 mm

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