Edition Tue Greenfort: Forest Canopy Projekt, 2009
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Edition Tue Greenfort: Forest Canopy Projekt, 2009
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At the beginning of the Danish artist Tue Greenfort who is based in Berlin, is the complex concept of nature. Based on the location where he displays, Greenfort creates complex references between the ecological system of nature and the art system. For instance, he convinced the Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam, where he had an exhibition, to take an environmentally friendly electricity supplier for the duration of his exhibition at this place. Moreover he presented at documenta 13 a comprehensive archive about the relationship between human being and animal, which was inspired by the feminist Donna Haraway.

For ECHTWALD Tue Greenfort designed a tree house as a functional unit. This idea is based on the using of tree houses and high cable cars for scientific work in the treetops of the rain forest in Costa Rica. Also in this case, as with all the functional units, first the feasibility has to be proofed. Directly related is his already developed and real existing edition for ECHTWALD: The Forest Canopy Project is luxury equipment for a high cable car. With this equipment the tree house is accessible with an additional platform.

delivery time: 6 weeks
Tue Greenfort
Forest canopy project, 2009
materials: webbing, climbing rope, steel
Edition for ECHTWALD, signed and numbered.
Edition: 10 + 1 E. A.
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