Edition Daniel Roth: Ofen, 2009
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Edition Daniel Roth: Ofen, 2009

Daniel Roth creates expansive installations with complex narratives that deal with the relationship between humans and nature in literature and science. Using sculpture, drawing, photography or film Roth reflects and fictionalized specific places or subjects as the forest or traveling. To produce his works Roth often uses natural materials and transforms them consuming. He undid the individual bovine platelets of a tree trunk and mounts it as a cape reassembled, or he transformed animal skins in amorphous wall objects. A recurring topos is the hidden mental space as well as an underground architecture. The London underground water system was the starting point of his narrative reference systems such as the emergence of Amsterdam, which was built on the Black Forest firs, the home of the artist. The ECHTWALD Special Edition is available from Daniel Roth, entitled “stove”. In fact, smoke emerges from the wooden and metal made furniture-like object. But where the smoke comes from remains unclear.
The object oscillates as between a functional object and a poetic metaphor of artistic reflection of activation and implementation of thought itself. Thus the oven is also a self-portrait of the artist.
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Stove, 2009
wall object, metal, wood
Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 30 cm
Edition for ECHTWALD, Edition: 10 + 1 E. A.
Signed on an attached certificate and numbered.

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