Echtwald Demiglace
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Konzentriertester Fond vom Hinterwälder Rind.

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Echtwald Demiglace

Intensional and regional veal stock from the Hinterwälder beef. If you want to taste a highly concentrated and profound taste, you are right with Demiglace.
It is one of four basic brown sauces of classical French cuisine. Meat, root vegetables and other ingredients are boiled over one hour until getting a thick jelly.
Demiglace is used in small quantity as a basis for many sauces.
Demiglace is produced specifically for Echtwald form a regional manufacturer from the Black Forest.
Hinterwälder beef is a smaller and lighter breed of cattle with an intensive flavor.
Ingredients: water, meat, bones, onions, carrot, leek, parsley, red wine, tomato paste, herb, salt, spices. Without yeast and flavor enhancers.

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