Clerk, 2010 kkaarrlls for ECHTWALD
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Clerk, 2010 kkaarrlls for ECHTWALD
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The finesse of Martha Schwindling's "convertible" comes from the specially-developed film hinge that almost invisibly fixes its elements to each other. Multi-functionality is not a fetish here, but actually serves a purpose.
Liberated of any visual indication of its multiple functions, the desk thus naturally has the same balanced aspect, both open as well as closed. In its opened, and seemingly more practical, mode it presents itself as a perfect piece of furniture for working and keeping things in order. Once closed via its hinged drawer, usually motivated by wanting to recover some sense of order and tidiness, it is only a desk, desk, and desk: a fully adequate, absolutely neutral plane surface for working and communicating for one or more users.

Clerk, 2010
kkaarrlls for ECHTWALD
Martha Schwindling
desk elm wood, linoleum
90 x 120 x 70cm

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