Benjaminer Kirsche aus dem Hesselbacher Tal
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Benjaminer Kirsche aus dem Hesselbacher Tal

Since a couple of years we get the fruits for our award winning cherry hard liquor from family Berger. Family Berger has a special procedure to harvest the fruits.
In 2012 we decided for the relatively new variety of „Benjaminer“. This tiny deep black cherry has a medium firm to firm flesh and is very sweet and pronounced aromatic. Hence it is the perfect cherry to distil. We did not regret to choose this cherry.
It is a fully developed, round, harmonious kirshwasser, which combines the rustic aspects of a kirshwasser with an extraordinary elegance of fine fruit note. It is a great pleasure this distil of soft and gentle character. And by the way it is the brandy of 2012!

Destillata 2012
The jury’s verdict: „Multi-layered flavour profile with a clear cherry fruit and spicy, pungent highlights; on the palate loud, dense and full of character; independent, powerful and persistent“

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