Vincent Tavenne

Drafts of functional unit

Vincent Tavenne/Ina Weber, O. T., 2009.


Vincent Tavenne, O. T., 2009, Tapetenrolle, 46,5 (B) x 25 (L) cm, Auflage: 100 + 3 AE

Vincent Tavenne, O. T., 2009.


Together with Ina Weber, Vincent Tavenne designed a model of a structure for Echtwald that was never built. But perhaps it was built after all? Out of the clay foundation there rises a multi-part transparent dome reminiscent both of Étienne-Louis Boullée’s cenotaph for Isaac Newton and of the crystal palaces of the nineteenth century. Either way, the prospect of studying the night skies above a forest from such a building is a truly heavenly one. Tavenne also produced a wallpaper design for ECHTWALD that echoes the wooden planks of Swiss pine wall panelling. Tavenne transmutes the natural texture and warmth of the wood panelling found in traditional pubs into an abstract black-and-white pattern with undulating lines and eye shapes that recall the psychedelic designs of the 1970s.
The Vincent Tavenne edition Untitled (2009)is available from the ECHTWALD Shop: Vincent Tavenne: O.T., 2009

About the artist

Born in 1961 in Montbéliard, lives and works in Berlin

Vincent Tavenne made his name with walk-in tent-like objects of fabric. The notion of space and the subjective experience thereof form the point of departure for his art. Recurring motifs in Tavenne’s works are the sphere (in his sculptures) and the circle (in his works on paper), which he examines for their symbolic content, their history, and their reception in architecture, the sciences, and culture. At times, he augments his ephemeral architectures with enlarged reproductions of everyday objects such as beer mats and sardine tins, juxtaposing seemingly banal objects with fundamental reflections on human perceptions and living spaces.