Tue Greenfort

Drafts of functional unit

Tue Greenfort, O. T., Baumhaus mit Seilbahn, 2009.

Tue Greenfort, O. T., Baumhaus mit Seilbahn1, 2009.

Tue Greenfort, O.T. , 2009.


Tue Greenfort, Forest Canopy Project, 2009, Gurtmaterial, Kletterseil, Stahl, signiert und nummeriert, Auflage: 10 + 1 AE Magnifier medium


Tue Greenfort designed a tree house for ECHTWALD intended for use as a functional unit. The idea draws on the tree houses and zip lines used in scientific research in the rain forest canopy of Costa Rica. As usual in the case of functional structures, the project began with a feasibility study. However, immediately related to this project is an existing ECHTWALD special edition: the Forest Canopy Project. The set includes a luxury harness and other equipment which enables the user to access the tree house via zip line from another platform.

Tue Greenfort Forest Canopy Projekt (2009) is available from the ECHTWALD Shop:
Tue Greenfort Forest Canopy Projekt , 2009

About the artist

Born in 1973 in Holbaek, lives and works in Berlin

A complex understanding of nature lies at the root of the Danish artist Tue Greenfort’s oeuvre. Taking his exhibition venues as his point of departure, Greenfort creates complex associations between the ecosystem of nature and the system of art – for example, by persuading Witte de With during his exhibition in Rotterdam to sign up with an environmentally friendly utility company or by presenting a complex archive of human-animal relationships inspired by the feminist Donna Haraway for dOCUMENTA (13).