Till Krause

Drafts of functinal unit

Till Krause, Brief, 2009.


Till Krause, Aktienscheine, 2009.


His suggestion for a pavilion with depictions of artistic “appropriations” expresses the core of the ECHTWALD mission: that of changing the parameters of how we deal with landscapes, thus triggering new developments within them. In time, ECHTWALD will develop into a network of forests. Krause links this future network with the much wider network of artistic reinventions of landscape. At the same time, he challenges ECHTWALD to use its inspirational and economic power to enable more new experiments and expeditions to promote awareness and understanding of landscapes and natural environments.

About the artist

Born in 1965 in Hamburg; lives and works in Hamburg

Till Krause’s work focuses on the history, utilization, and structure of landscapes rather than landscapes as aesthetic material. With his profound and subtle art he examines the ways in which people deal with the landscapes that surround them. He takes a close look at things that seem familiar and commonplace, questioning them and examining their underlying significance. Often he implements his projects in close collaboration with other artists at the interstices between art and the sciences.